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Here are the current top french movies on netflix rated by most popular. 

1. Amélie The Draw: A love letter to Montmartre, Paris' art/bohemian district, as informed through the eyes of among movie theater's most bewitching ingénues. The Reality: Yes, the views from the top of Sacré-Coeur actually are that incredible-- even without Jean-Pierre Jeunet's enthusiastic color correction. The Fiction: The brand-new owners of Café des Deux Moulins have actually done some renovation. You can still dig into crème brûlée, however do not seek on getting a package of smokes on the method out.

2. Heartbreaker Via Universal Photo International The Draw: Alex (Romain Duris) is a good individual with a filthy task-- separating dissatisfied relationships. His objective: Accompany Juliette (Vanessa Paradis) to Monaco and avoid her from weding her English partner. The Reality: Here's hoping Alex is paid well for his work. A kept in mind tax sanctuary, the expense of living in Monaco is not for the faint of heart. The Fiction: In among the world's most lovely principalities, who takes that long to fall for Romain Duris?

3. Romantics Confidential Via Pan-Européenne The Draw: 2 pathologically shy chocolate makers fall in love. Can they keep it together and introduce a brand-new line of product? The Reality: France is a chocoholic capital. (Names of note: Abanico, Valrhona, Richart.). The Fiction: Belgium would challenge the supremacy of French chocolate.

4. Populaire. Via Les Productions du Tresor. The Draw: It's 1958. A suave older male (Romain Duris) takes a more youthful town lady (Déborah François) under his wing with the hopes of turning her into the world's fastest typist. It's essentially My Fair Girl en français. The Reality: A relatively precise representation of fashion and life in 1950s France. Who would not wish to reside in a time when typing competitors were en style? The Fiction: None. We're opting to stay in the world, kitsch be damned. Bye-bye, 2014.

5. I Do. Via Mars circulation. The Draw: A picky middle-aged bachelor provides into pressure from his self-important mom and siblings to wed. He employs Charlotte Gainsbourg to be the utmost fiancée from hell. You can most likely think where this one is going, however it's enjoyable viewing them arrive. The Reality: In France, marital relationships are just legitimately acknowledged if they're carried out at municipal government. The Fiction: The capital of the Paris fragrance market isn't really Paris, however rather Grasse, a town northwest of Nice.

6. 2 Days in Paris. Via Samuel Goldwyn Movies. The Draw: Marion and Jack see Paris after a devastating journey to Italy. They might not be soulmates, however their long break up throughout 2 days showcases enough post-Woody Allen bon mots that you kinda desire they were. The Reality: Jim Morrison's tomb in Père Lachaise actually does draw that lots of insane fans. The French hate it and typically threaten to posthumously deport the artist. The Fiction: No cabbie in Paris is that talkative.

7. L'Auberge Espagnole. Via Fox Searchlight Photo. The Draw: A student from France takes a trip to Spain to have the utmost term abroad. (And, oh yeah, discover the language too.). The Truth: Just 10 % of American students research study abroad. (Truly, people? Look exactly what you're losing out on!). The Fiction: None. The movie about summarize the exchange-student experience. (Sorry Mommy, Papa.).

8. Ne Quittez Pas! Via France 3. The Draw: Félix Mandel is a spacey astrophysicist susceptible to air travels of dream. Even he is stunned when he gets a call (gather) from his late dad with one last demand. The Reality: 39 % of France declares to have no belief in life after death. The Fiction: We constantly thought of the a lot left were most likely to send out a text.

9. The Fairy. Via MK2 Productions. The Draw: A gold mine of sight gags, The Fairy is the story of, well, a real-life fairy that drops into a lonesome hotel clerk's life, grants him 3 desires, and vanishes. Which's simply act one. The Reality: Like near-silent funny? This movie has the DNA of Mon Oncle running in its veins. The Fiction: Do not think anybody who states magic isn't really actual-- the French have a strong custom of fairytale.

10. A Lady Is a Female. Via Euro International Movie. The Draw: When a stripper's partner vetoes the concept of having a kid, she relies on the next finest thing-- her male's friend. The Truth: Director Jean-Luc Godard had his charming top priorities in the ideal location, when notoriously saying, "I do not believe you ought to FEEL about a motion picture. You need to feel about a female. You cannot kiss a film.". The Fiction: Anna Karina plays an erotic dance artist, however proof recommends that she had not been comfy with nudity. She rejected a small role in Breathless, another of Godard's movies, since she 'd need to take her clothing off.

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